About Norma

Norma Alge holds a Master’s degree in Natural Sciences (Psychology) from the University of Vienna and went on to complete further post graduate studies in clinical and health psychology at Schloss Hofen in Lochau, Vorarlberg.

She now works within the school system for a large social service company in Vorarlberg. Her job consists of counseling parents and working in cooperation with teachers as well as working with children and juveniles with the aim of enabling social and emotional learning. Prior to this she worked on projects aimed at coaching and supporting people who had been unemployed for lengthy periods of time find their way back into the workforce. She also spent many years working and volunteering with juvenile refugees and as a care worker for people with mental and physiological disabilities.

Norma lives in her hometown of Höchst near Bregenz with her husband and two boys. She has both Austrian and Mexican roots and can speak fluent German, Spanish and English.

As Norma explains in her Amazon review of FREEDOM, “as a psychologist” and “as a mother and person that has always kept a deep connection to nature, it [THE biological explanation of the human condition] is absolutely eye opening and empowering” and “for the first time, gives true hope for the future.”


Poem written by Norma, 2021